On Taking Part

1. I'll emphasise this first, since it's the most important thing. There are VERY strict deadlines for Secret Santa, which we need to make sure everyone gets their presents and has enough time to draw gifts of their own. If you know or even suspect you will not be available in the two or so weeks leading up to Christmas, DO NOT SIGN UP. You have to be able to submit your gift on the 24th of December at the latest or you will be a horrible person and no one will talk to you ever again. And Dan will do something nasty.

2. If you know you'll be around and are eager to take part, sign up in this thread! If you have any questions then PM me (that's Imi, hurr). I will answer you as quickly as I can. If there are loads of questions and confusion then I'll make a new thread for an FAQ of sorts. Please only sign up in this thread!

3. Sign-ups will run until the 12th of December, and partners will be sent out on the 14th, maybe even the 13th if the magic can be worked any faster.


1. For those of you who haven't taken part before; the Secret Santa works by you being sent the name of a partner, who you will act as Santa for. Go to their SJ profile, or their deviantART, and see what you can draw for them. Fanart of their own characters is the most popular. Just don't go and ask them what they want, you must be an art ninja.

2. Submissions must be drawn. This means no photos, no photo manipulations, no sprites, no pixel artwork. The point is that you have taken the time to create an original and dedicated piece of work for your partner of something personal to them. And you'll get the same in return!

3. Submissions must be in at the VERY LATEST on the 24th of December, though obviously earlier is better.

4. Those who sign up but don't make a gift, and don't give a valid reason as to why, will be announced as Scrooges to the entire forum, and very bad things will be done to them. This is why it's so important to make sure you know if you'll be able to make a gift for someone, and a gift that has effort put into it, not simply thrown together hurriedly.

As always, we predict there will be a few unfortunate people who will not receive gifts. It is because of this that anyone able to sign up as helpers to do artwork for those who have been Scrooged would be so appreciated. This means you do a gift for your partner, and if it turns out that someone hasn't received a gift on Christmas morning you will be assigned someone new to make a gift for belatedly. Obviously you would make someone very happy for doing this.
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